Woodbine, New Jersey: Fifteen Acres and a Shul
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Meranze Collection
Zelda Rabinowitz Meranze – 1955
The Zelda Rabinowitz Meranze Collection at the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center serves as a significant resource in understanding the history and experiences of the Jewish community of Woodbine, New Jersey. This collection contains the personal papers, books, and photographs of Mrs. Zelda Rabinowitz Meranze (1905-2000), whose parents were among the early settlers and leaders of Woodbine.

Mrs. Meranze saved the records of her personal life in Woodbine to collect and preserve the story of the community. These materials were donated to PJAC by her daughter and son-in-law, Dr. Julie Meranze Levitt and Dr. Jerry D. Levitt. The Levitts also established The Zelda Rabinowitz Meranze Fund for the Preservation of Southern New Jersey Agarian Jewish Communities. This gift has enabled PJAC to collect the oral histories of 50 individuals who had spent significant portions of their lives in Woodbine. This generous endowment has given the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center a unique opportunity to create a major repository of the historical records of the New Jersey agrarian colonies.

Lena and Joseph Rabinowitz – 1910
The Rabinowitz Children – 1910
Zelda and Joe Meranze and their daughter Julie – 1948
Zelda and Joe Meranze and their daughter Julie – 1990s